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My Monster Custom Chopper aka The Bike

Requirements: costom

Style: Low lean long, but not too long. Stretched but not too high. By this I mean the bars and neck need to be level with or below my shoulders. I am not a tall person so I don't need a bike that will fit an NBA player.

Engine: Big bad boy. I am Leaning towards an S&S Engine 100-130 range. needs to be big bad and loud.

Transmission: Baker 6 speed needs to be able to handle the power and cruise at 80 mph with ease.

Rear Suspension: Soft Tail, sorry old school die hard Chopper builders and Bikers, but I need to have a bike I can Ride 710 miles in one day to Sturgis South Dakota for the famous rally. The suspension can and probably will be hidden but its needs to have a smooth ride.

Front Suspension: Long and lean looking, I want normal size forks, meaning I don't think I want big fat ones like on a Harley Fat boy, and I don't think I want a springer. I will save these for a second project.

Tires and Wheels:

I already have a set of 99 Harley Davidson Fat Boy wheels. I bought these of Ebay a couple of years ago as take offs. I am not sure if I will use these or trade them of for something else. If I use these it limits my frame choices. It would also lower my costs, the tires and frame would be cheaper.

Front: skinny 21 inch rim with a super cool chrome fancy designed spokes 4 -6 of them in a solid wheel. I do not want it to be laced with they standard 30-40 spokes.

Rear: Fat 18 inch rim with a big wide tire, I am not thinking the widest tire ever something in the 240-280 range would do nicely. The Wheel will need to match the front. I do need to be careful here as I know these could blow the budget. I set a budget of 20,000 dollars for the whole bike build.

Tank: Long and lean bike and fat. I want a good looking tank that has the capacity of around 5 gallons. I want to be able to ride this scooter, not just look at it.

Front Fender: It's needs to be able to cover the wheel and the theme will need to fit with the rest of the bike. Not really sure here yet.

Rear Fender: Like the front needs to look good. Probably about mid length in the back, I don't really like the bobber short fenders, and the long classic style may not fit the long lean look of the rest of the bike.

Paint: "Ghost Flames", or look it's the "Ghost Light" I will do a lot of exploration in this area.

Bars: short pulled bar, with the controls hidden and the wires in the tubes if possible.

Controls: small simple clean looking.

Lights: Tear drop front head light, recessed LED lights for the rear.




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