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Travel With Bikes - Theme Of The Season   by Clinton Maxwell

Do you have an adventurous soul to be wanderlust? Then you may well purchase a ticket for the motorcycle vacation - the hottest new trend in vacation travel. Irrespective of your taste and choice for the destinations and the bikes, travel with bikes is sure to rush your adrenalin high with a great degree of entertainment and fun.

If you are a seaside enthusiast then you can go to Alicante in Spain. If in the US and a history buff then you can explore old Civil War battlefields on a motorcycle. It makes evident that you can take your bike to reach the West Port battleground site near the modern day Plaza in Kansas City, Pea Ridge in the northwest of Arkansas, and southwest Missouri's Wilson's Creek. If you like to explore the west more set your journey off from the scene of the foremost recorded cattle drive in the history Sedalia following other cattle towns in Kansas like Dodge City, Parsons and Wichita. Afterwards keep gearing straight to the west to reach the mile high state Colorado. After visiting the Estes Park, have a look at the Colorado Springs by making your way a little south, park your bike there for a day and enjoy your tour at the grounds of the Cheyenne Mountain, home of Norad and the Air Force Academy.

If you are still keen to be more adventurous, ride your bike to New Mexico and visit Lincoln County to have a feel of the ruckus raised in the 1880's by Billy the Kid and his Regulators. Then there are the wonderful tents in the mountains close to Cloudcroft, so don't miss the chance to be there to spend a night beneath the stars. Just have your very own motorbike next to you. Imagine it's like a horse to you playing cowboy, and have a mystic experience to relive for a lifetime.

Being in New Mexico while having the Apache reservation at the Riodosa, you can surely try your fortune for that pot of gold by hitting the bull's eye. Afterwards satiate yourself in a great Mexican restaurant and make a trip to the historic site the 1947 UFO crash, the town of Roswell.

Your next destination should be the not so far Las Vegas, Nevada - the most exiting town on earth. You can play a real gambler here if you like to bet and if you don't then simply trying out the low cost, delicious buffet of the casinos would not be a bad idea. Almost all the casinos here have great buffet to surpass the other, so you get a high range of palatable palates to choose from.

After visiting Las Vegas, it's now time to go the city of Sturgis, the place without which your bike holidays will be incomplete. This city in North Dakota has a great popularity among the motorcycle riders and the warm cordiality of the town people has almost made it a legendary town. Taste the famous root beer and to keep the memories of your motorcycle vacation alive buy a T-shirt - the souvenir that will make you to cherish your trip for a long time. So whatever you have, be it hog or Honda, just hop on it and enjoy the global trot.

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