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Long Distances Bike Riding

Long Distances Bike Riding by

When planning for long-distance bike ride you will require good preparation, following are few of the stuff you need to carry and be alert in following them. You will require:

Repair Kit

First and foremost thing you will require a repair kit, at least one spare of inner tube, pump, spoke wrench, a cell phone or some money in case you need to take a train if all else fails. Riding bike for long distance means that it is quite impractical to walk back home.

Food and Water

You need to take plenty of food and water. Do not every under-estimate this. You have to eat and drink well on time to enjoy the ride. People usually never reach the point of termination of fuel in their daily life but it is a real danger on long bike rides. You will fall apart after concerning 80 km without food, so eat and drink at least every 20 or 30 km. do not start in the morning without having breakfast either. Best is to take plain water in one or two large clear plastic bottles. Concerning food you can take energy food, plus some whole-grain sandwiches. It is a bad idea to take chocolate or any other sugar based food. On seriously long rides also take some salted nuts for the reason that sweating depletes minerals.

You of course need to carry a map. If you are riding in a group you might get separated, or any body might get lost. The most excellent scale is between 1:100,000 and 1:250,000. A compass is essential in foreign countries. Always carry a GPS receiver as well.


If there is a possibility of rain or cold weather, dress in neoprene boots. They don't harm if you don't require them but they will keep you warm and dry. Also bring a raincoat and wear layers of clothing, which allow you adjust to the weather. Multiple or thick wool socks normally never works, they just make the shoes robust poorly. Another key to long-distance bike riding is to intentionally ride slowly. It's sufficient to ride two or three km/h slower than what you normally ride. This takes steady conscious checking as your legs would relax.

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