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A Buyer's Guide To The ATV Classifieds A Buyer's Guide To The ATV Classifieds by T J Madigan

As every motor vehicle purchase, you will be spending loads of money. Though not as pricey as brand new cars, ATVs could get unrealistically expensive when you dont know what youre looking for. The ATV classifieds over the internet had enough showcase to interest even a mediocre ATV fan but the absence of decent buyers guide in ATV classifieds has created frustrated purchases one too many.

Probably the biggest factor in sifting through the ATV classifieds is your budget range. Depending on the model, brand and accessories you want installed, a funky new ATV could range $7,000 upwards (nearly the price of a new ride), while a used ATV are somewhere from $2,000 upwards.

Engine Type
The next thing to consider is the engine type. Motor vehicle has two engine types available: a 2-stroke engine and a 4-stroke engine and what engine type will vary largely on the immediate need of the user. ATV intended for racing should go for 2-stroke engine since this engine type produces more power than a 4-stroke. ATV with 2-stroke engine with 50cc can easily reach 130 km/hr while a 4 stroke with 70cc can hardly maintain a 110 km/hr.

So why should we consider a 4-stroke? Fuel consumption. On a liter of fuel, 2-stroke will run at approx. 35km. With a 4-stroke, the liter will take you somewhere 50km. With a lack of dedicated lubrication system unlike the 4-stroke, parts tend to wear-out faster. 2-stroke uses oil and gas mixture, the oil providing the engines lubrication. Because of this, 2-stroke produces more pollution during combustion. And take note, oil is mixed purely for lubrication, it doesnt add to the ignition process. And topping the fuel inefficiency factor, during the release of the burnt gasses, some of the new mix of fuel/air also leaks out into the exhaust port.

Drive System
If you are to be doing much racing then you should also decide on using 2WD since they are faster than 4WD. But if you are doing much rough terrain trekking or severe mud bogging then it is best to have a 4WD. 4WDs are powerhouses that are more work oriented machines so those intending to do a lot of hauling and plowing would benefit from this model. And incidentally, 4WDs are more expensive than 2WD, but having an invincible machine (4WD machine) is zero cool.

Engine Start
One important thing to consider, too, is the type of start your machine will have. To date there are three methods of starting ATV engines: electric start which uses battery and an ignition button, kick start lever that directly connect to the crank case, and the pull start handle often used in lawnmowers and chainsaws. It is highly suggested that you have two alternate starts for the machine, especially if you choose to use the electric start so that youll have an alternative in case any of the starts dies out.

Most of us have a following on a certain brand, particularly if you have bought a satisfying product from a certain brand in the past. This is no awful buying practice, but oftentimes it is advantageous if you compare prices, makes, models and reviews between brands before making a purchase. That way, your choices wont be severely limited to the brand of choice given, and that you are choosing the best product among all the brands.

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